No grain, no glory

I shoot film. I shoot film because it makes me feel. It creates a stronger connection between myself and my images. It's raw. Each frame is a decisive moment that cannot be duplicated, redone or changed. It is perfectly imperfect. Film...just is. 

I'm a traveler, an adventurer and light seeker. My cameras come with me everywhere and photographs are the souvenirs of my life story. They are quite literally, my lifeblood. When I travel, I often shoot with my Hasselblad 501cm, a medium format film camera. This camera is how I create my art. On lighter days or when I'm doing more of a documentary series, I turn to 35mm film and my Nikon FM3a. I have an affinity for black and white photography when shooting in 35mm but will run through color frames depending on the story I'm looking to convey.

Available for commissioned projects. Please get in touch.